Condo insurance

Whether you bought your condo for the view, the location, or the fireman’s pole between the floors, you need insurance.

Purchase your policy online 24/7.

Forward your policy from your inbox to your landlord.

We’re here from 8 – 6 MST, 7 days a week.

Pay with credit or debit card annually or monthly.

You aren’t covered by your landlord’s insurance policy.

But don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Here’s what our renters insurance covers:


This will cover all your personal belongings, AKA your “stuff” in case of theft, fire, water damage or pretty much anything else that could happen. From your collection of shoes to that vintage guitar you never play (but definitely will…someday), your contents are all the things you’ve bought, meant to re-gift and borrowed but forgot to return to a friend.


As the saying goes, accidents happen. For instance, if the delivery guy slips and injures himself, your insurance policy will extend to cover liability claims. It will also cover you if you lose track of time and accidently let your bathtub overflow, damaging the unit below you.

Identity Theft

If someone, let’s call them that guy, steals your identity, your policy coverage will kick in to cover most expenses you will incur due to the damage that was caused. This includes everything from legal fees to professional fees charged by lawyers or notaries to defense costs and even cover loss of income! The coverage even extends to your spouse, children under 21 and relatives living in your home.

Sewer Backup

Gross right? Your insurance policy will cover losses from the backing up of sewage into your home or damage caused by water escaping from appliances or a pipe that bursts.

Additional Living Expenses

You’re feeling inspired by your inner chef, but end up setting fire to half your kitchen and living room . Your insurance policy will pay the extra costs you incur living at a temporary location if you are forced out of your home for any reason.

Know your worth.

That’s not just something you’ll find in an inspirational desk calendar. 64% of tenants don’t have enough contents coverage for their belongings. We provide better tenants insurance. We’ll send you on a shopping spree to replace everything with brand new stuff.

Manage everything right here, and by right here we mean online.

Your Nuera Account allows you to view your insurance policy, make changes, check payments, or report a claim from any device.

Get your condo insurance sooner rather than later.

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