1. Late or Partial Payment Tenant
The average landlord is able to handle a lot. However, late/partial/non-payment is just something that doesn’t work because the property is an investment. Whether the property is clear titled, or or the rent is needed to offset the mortgage, the fact is that you and your property are not a charity. this is why it’s good to let the tenant know at the beginning of the lease in a friendly tone that the payment system is rigid.

2. Runaway Tenant
What do you do if a tenant locks up your property and leaves town for extended periods without paying, leaving you unsure if they just left or died?

3. Know-It-Alls
It’s time-consuming when you try to explain the obvious and get opinions based on “alternative facts”. In fairness, there’s always another way of dealing with an issue, but that doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the wheel every time you have to deal with a minor issue.

4. Wrecking Balls
Some people simply have a talent for destruction. It pays to have a competent property manager that can help you with recovering repair costs and have the experience to perhaps avoid future incidents.

5. The Fixer-Wrecker
We all know that guy, right? The one whose “repairs” always have to be repaired…by someone else. Having a property manager insist on limits on what they can do and carrying out inspections to ensure compliance is the way to go.

6. Whiners
Complaints are meant to bring attention to an issue for the purpose of a hopeful resolution. However, when you get the impression that the complaints are a cry for attention, it begins to grind at your nerves (Surprise! You’re human). Wouldn’t you love it if someone else had to listen to them?

7. Indoor Smoker
Most people who smoke are reasonable enough to do so outside, but there’s always someone that wants to smoke in bed, avoid going out during winter, or think they can smoke in the bathroom by keeping the vent fan on.

8. Pet Smugglers and Indulgent Pet Owners
A problem with a hidden pet is the fact that it’s hidden. Keeping a pet locked up can make it anxious and stir crazy which it can then take out on the apartment. The lack of outside time may also force it to pee where it fancies. Thus, your property literally smells like pee all the time with gnaws and scratches all over the place.

9. Pied Piper (Host To All)
Some people feel more comfortable in large groups. A large number of people may leave a strain on the facilities in your investment. This problem is complicated by the inability to determine exactly how many people in excess are living there since the tenant will always claim that the extra people are temporary.

10. Lawbreakers
Illegal activity is every landlord’s literal nightmare. The dread of being questioned by the police, having your property shut down without rental income, and the subsequent stigma as the person that brought criminal elements to the neighbourhood is something no one wants as an investigation may affect the future sale of the property.

11. Hoarders
A problem with compulsive hoarders (disposophobia) is the inability for you to know what’s going on under there. How do you know if the floorboards are rotten if you can’t even see the floor, right? You also don’t know what else is hiding under there.  It might also be difficult to handle a hoarder because it’s a psychological condition which may give the tenant sympathy in a legal process, even though they’ll deny having a condition on any normal day.

Property managers are experienced and well versed at dealing with a variety of tenant issues. The combination of broad experience, regular inspections, and a network of vendors and professionals puts them in the position to handle your issue.


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